5 Best Crypto Launchpads and new one coming in January 2022!

Do you remember the 2017–18 ICO craze? I certainly do. A new coin was launched on a near daily basis. Skyrocketing prices and a crypto boom brought in a host of problems. People were rushing to buy tokens cheap in the hopes of becoming the next crypto millionaire. There isn’t anything wrong with dreaming, right? But the problem was that most dreams turned into nightmares.

No regulations, an open field and hungry crypto investors meant that scammers and fraudsters started to capitalize on the public’s craze. Hundreds, if not thousands of tokens were created where people were promised riches beyond their wildest dreams, only for the developers to quietly take their money and leave them with worthless tokens. Even if the developers were committed, the business model or market opportunity was weak, still subjecting investors to heavy losses.

Launchpads offer a unique method of crypto token launches. Instead of a team of developers asking for investors to pump in money directly, the token is either listed on a DEX (Decentralized Exchange) or a dedicated launchpad service. Investors have the option to not only look at the token and its documents, but interact with each other, gaining precious insight of the coin. A democratic system by which people form communities around the token and can vote or commit their tokens to back up the launch.

The same can be said about centralized exchange listings (called IEOs), but they come at a very high cost as these exchanges have a significant listing fee, making it difficult to get your token on their platform. Decentralized launchpads change the game as there is little to no fee required and the investors are free to invest with no barriers or requirements.

Today, ICOs are replaced with IDOs (Initial DEX Offering) and other variations based on this concept.

The Best Launchpads Right Now

Launchpads have become increasingly important, especially since DeFi boomed at the start of the year. Let’s look at a few of the most famous launchpads out there right now.

  • DAO Maker: Pioneering what they call a Strong Holder Offering (SHO), DAO Maker helps different DeFi and GameFi projects reach communities and people who are interested in the projects. The SHO ensures that only those who can prove that they will not pull out their investments are qualified to take part in the private sales, thereby ensuring long term financial viability of the projects.
  • PolkaStarter: A relatively newcomer, PolkaStarter has been around less than a year. Initially meant as a launchpad for the Polkadot network, it has quickly expanded to include other blockchains such as Ethereum, BSC, Polygon and Solana.
  • TrustSwap: A disruption within a disruptive industry, TrustSwap had come as a game changer with cross chain capabilities and SmartLaunch toolkit that prevents dumping of coins after listing.
  • Red Kite: Handpicked projects on Red Kite mean that people get only the best of projects to invest in. Each listing has to go through a rigorous testing and vetting process along with verifiable code audits.

Arkania Protocol: Crypto Launchpads Redefined

Even with all the improvements we have seen in the crypto launchpad arena, there are several shortcomings. Fortunately for you (and the industry), Arkania Protocol has extensively studied this and come up with a platform that offers all of the solutions.

Arkania is not just a multi-chain launchpad, but allows token issuers to kick off their sales from any part of the decentralized world. Seamless interoperability, cooperation and partnership with other blockchain developers and systems is a part of the launchpad services.

All projects have to go through a strict verification process, especially considering that rug pulls have become all so common these days. Only the best of the projects with a sincere development team passes our tests!

At the investors end, a number of different services such as a simple tier based system for qualification, a user friendly website design and elimination of a private sale for whales are just a few of the game changing options the protocol offers.

Arkania Protocol is set to have a presale round in January 2022, but you can get your hands early on through its airdrop.

Check out their socials for updates and more information on how they are changing the crypto launchpad landscape:

Instagram | Twitter | Telegram | Facebook | YouTube | Medium | GitHub




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